3.1、2の目的を達成するために必要な範囲で、契約の相手方及び売買・賃貸借希望者、他の宅地建物取引業者、指定流通機構、物件情報を書面又はインターネットで提供する者・ 団体・広告会社、融資に関わる金融機関、登記等に関わる司法書士その他専門家、提携損害保険会社、不動産管理業者、保証委託会社又はお客様の同意を得た第三者に対して提供すること


※専属専任媒介契約、専任媒介契約が締結された場合には、宅地建物取引業法に基づき、指定流通機構への登録及び成約情報の通知が宅地建物取引業者に 義務付けられます。









[:en]Wplan limited company, we will use personal information for the following purposes.

1.To conclude agreements (including joint guarantee contracts) concerning purchase, sale, lease, brokerage, management, etc., to search for counterparties of real estate sales contracts or lease contracts, and to provide services based on contracts

2.Provide information on buying and selling real estate, leasing, mediation, management, etc.

3.To the extent necessary for achieving the objectives 1 and 2, the counterparty, the buyer / seller / leaseholder, the other landowner building trader, the designated distribution organization, the person who provides the property information in writing or via the Internet, organization, advertisement To a company, a financial institution related to loans, a judicial scrivener related to registration etc. Other experts, affiliated damage insurance companies, real estate management companies, guarantor consignment companies or third parties with customer consent

※In addition, when providing property information to the designated distribution organization for searching the other party of the contract and contracting on the property registered in the designated distribution organization, we will use personal information, etc. as follows .
(1)When the contract is concluded, we will notify the designated distribution organization of the date, contract price etc etc.
(2)The Designated Distribution Organization shall consist of information on property information and conclusion information (contract information does not include the names of seller, buyer, owner, borrower, summary of property, contract date, contract price etc. We will use it for the work of the designated distribution agency prescribed in the residential building transaction trading business law, such as providing to the residential building building trading company which is the member of the designated distribution agency or to the public group by electronic data or paper medium.

①The information provided is the name, address, phone number, property information, contract information and other necessary items.
②Provision will be done by means such as written, telephone, e-mail, Internet, advertisement medium etc.
③If there is an offer from the person himself, provision will be canceled.
※When exclusive intermediary agreement or dedicated mediation agreement is concluded, residential land building traders will be obliged to register with the Designated Distribution Organization and notify of contract information based on the Building Building Transaction Business Law.

4.To provide services and information of 1 and 2 above, contact by postal matter, telephone, e-mail etc.

5.To respond to customer inquiries and keep it as necessary to achieve the purpose of 4

6.To keep it as a book and its document based on Section 49 of the Building Land and Building Transaction Business Law

7.Perform price assessment on buying and selling real estate, leasing etc.

※The contract information used for price appraisal may be provided to clients who mediate as “the grounds for opinions” prescribed in Article 34-2, Paragraph 2 of the Residential Building Transaction Business Law.

①提The information provided is an item such as the summary of the selling price, the buyer’s name, the lender owner, the name of the borrower, the outline of the property with the ingenuity that makes it difficult to identify the contracted item, the contract price etc.
②Provision will be done by means of writing and e-mail deprivation.
③If there is an offer from the person himself, provision will be canceled.

8.Make market trend analysis




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